We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
If you have a question that is not on our list, please feel free to contact us.

How does it work?

Simple physics.. The internal baffles are cleverly positioned and shaped to creat Hydrostatic pressure to make grease separation & storage happen.

How effective is the Grease-Release?

The Grease-Release was developed out of necessity. Prior to the Grease-Release Grease Removal Units (GRU) were complicated mechanical devices using rotating wheel drums to skim grease from the surface, which were prone to breakdowns.

Do I still need to use enzyme or chemicals dosing?

No.. The Grease-Release will remove virtually all trace of food particles & grease from your drains..

Does the Grease-Release smell?

Unlike other products on the market the Grease-Release is fully vented. The vent connection can be either piped out of the building or can be fitted with an activated charcoal filter, which is supplied with the unit.

How many sizes are there?

The Grease release is manufactured in 4 sizes for single sink & dishwasher applications, through to multi sinks & dishwashers.

What are the running costs?

Very low… Grease Release employs a small 1 kW thermostatically controlled heater, which only activates then the water temperature in the tank drops below 30 degrees.

Is the Grease Release easy to install?

Yes. The grease Release is designed to fit under standard work sinks & tables & is supplied with full installation & can be installed by your local plumber.

Off Grid Drainage

The Grease Release in conjunction with Pump Stations, Sewage treatment Plants & Septic Tanks where the removal of Fat’s Oils & Grease is paramount.

Who needs a Grease Trap?

Customers for our Grease Trap include:
Commercial operations (Bistros, Bakeries, Cafe’s, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Pubs, Takeaways.

Can anyone fit it - or do I need a specialist?

We recommend that it is fit by a qualified plumber, but any good plumber should have no problems if your current pipe work is of adequate size, in good condition and is accessible.

Are they made to order?

We maintain good stocks of all sizes. We can full fill  your order in just a few days.