Introducing Grease Release Unit

The Grease Release is a simple and highly effective non mechanical point of source fat, oil & grease(FOG) removal unit, which also removes and strains food solid waste from water, which would otherwise end up in the drainage system.

The Big Issue…
Grease Drains & Waste Water

Our drainage systems where never designed to cope with the influx of restaurants, pubs & takeaways & the popularity of eating out.

This popularity has resulted in fat residue plaguing the restaurants own drains but also the public sewage systems which the restaurant owners & water companies are having difficulties dealing with.

Grease traps are required by law to combat grease pollution, however because of tight in town locations restaurant owners have found it difficult to install reasonable sized grease traps, which are not large enough to be effective.

Blocked Drains…
Problem Solved

The Grease-Release Unit (GRU) is a grease trap which has the ability to not only trap grease but to separate & easily remove the grease & food waste from the tank. Ensuring a continuos high quality water outlet discharge & preventing recurring emptying & maintenance costs.

Grease-Release connects directly onto Sinks, Dishwashers, Wok Stations & Steam Ovens.

Reasons To Choose Grease Release

1. Cost effective.. No Emptying Costs

2. Simple To Operate.. Empty Basket & Release Grease

3. No Smell.. Fully vented by vent pipe or charcoal filter

4. Total Separation.. Tested below 50 PPM

5. Screens Out Food Waste to less than 1mm

6. Waste Grease are recyclable

7. No Mechanics, Nothing to Break down

8. No Chemicals or Enzyme Dosing Costs

9. Constructed From 304 Grade Stainless Steel

10. Proved & tested by The big restaurant chains

11. Easy to Install Can Be fitted by your local plumber

12. Complies With Building Regulations

Handing Control Of Grease To You…

Grease-Release is the most simple & robust system on the market. This is because we designed & manufactured Grease-Release through years of experience in the business.

Simple & Effective

In recent years Grease Removal Units have been getting more & more complicated, mechanical skimming wheels, timers, self cleaning. However more complex doesn’t mean more effective. It means more to go wrong resulting in more blocked drains & call outs.

Back To Basics

Keeping the design simple, so it is effective & easy to operate is the key. Inside the Grease-release you will only find wears & baffles, by cleverly positioning the baffles the grease is directed & compressed in a tight separation area creating pressure.


The Grease-Release was firstly designed for the removal of fats oils & grease’s FOGs in conjunction with off grid restaurants & pubs employing sewage treatment, septic tanks, & pump stations. Where the removal of grease is crucial for these systems to operate.

The Grease Release was so successful, soon the national restaurant chains took interest in them, and have been incorporating Grease Release into new builds & existing sites where they were having drainage issues.

We now supply Grease Release systems throughout the UK & around the world from our UK factory.

What Are Customers saying

I have re visited many sites up to 3 months after installation and I am still astounded by how clean the drain lines are.

This is the best unit of it’s kind that we have ever had, to have a unit as compact and to be as efficient as this, is a benefit to everyone.

Staff find the Grease-Release easy to operate, Pump station showing no grease build ups since the unit was installed.

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